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Sprint PCS Vision Smart Device PPC-6700

Posted December 4, 2012 by Jonathan Roubini in Cell phones




Company: UTStarcom
Price: $299.99 after rebate through Sprint


EV-DO speeds, small size, feature packed.


Sub-par speaker, low brightness under direct sunlight.
Bottom Line

We put the PPC-6700 smartphone by UTStarcom to the test. Does it deliver? Click here to find out why we rate it as one of the best smartphones out there.

by Jonathan Roubini
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The PPC-6700 smartphone by UTStarcom is one of the best Windows Mobile 5.0 devices out there. It boasts a crisp screen and a full keyboard, all in a small package that fits in your pocket. Additional useful features include fast Sprint EV-DO internet speeds, built-in camera, Bluetooth capability, a miniSD slot and WiFi.

The PPC-6700 is a feature-packed device that can be a great solution for on-the-go mobile users. When you are on the road you can use the device’s WiFi feature wherever there is a wireless network. This feature worked seamlessly in our tests. More important, thanks to Sprint’s EV-DO network, you can browse the web or check your email without having to wait for slow downloads. We tested the PPC-6700 extensively on the East and West coasts with great results. The device was able to keep the connectivity while traveling in a car or train with no problems. We even ran the portable version of GoToMyPC on the device with impressive results. In fact we were able to log in our desktop computer remotely and perform everyday tasks like checking email with ease.

The 2.88” screen has an above-average brightness when compared to other Windows Mobile devices. Even though it is a smaller screen than average, it still comes with a sharp 320×240 resolution. The screen is great indoors and at night, but we had some difficulties reading it under direct sunlight.

The keyboard, located at the bottom of the unit, slides out sideways and the screen automatically rotates to landscape mode. Each button on the keyboard is raised and larger than average, making it easy to use. You will not end up pressing 2 keys at once, even if you have larger fingers. In our experience the PPC-6700 offers a much better typing experience than the cramped Treo keys. The only downside, similar to the Treo, is that the numeric keys are accessed by pressing a button on the bottom left corner of the keyboard, followed by the actual number. This feature is something to get used to, but it’s not too complicated.

The Bluetooth feature allows you to easily connect with your wireless headset or even to sync to your Bluetooth-enabled notebook. Alternatively you can use the USB cable to connect with your computer. This allows you to recharge the battery in the process. You can also transfer files or store your MP3s using a miniSD card through the built-in slot.

As a phone the PPC-6700 provides clear calls, and easy to dial using the large numbers on the screen. We weren’t too pleased with the speaker feature as it didn’t deliver a clear, loud sound, but you can always work hands-free using a Bluetooth headset.

The PPC-6700 is also available through Verizon as the Verizon Wireless XV6700, which comes with a black casing and minor software differences such as the proprietary Verizon and Sprint applications.

Overall, the PPC-6700 by UTStarcom is a great solution for the business user on the road. We definitely recommend it.


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