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Alexander Signature Select Mattress

Posted April 2, 2019 by Jonathan Roubini in Accessories




Company: Nest Bedding
Price: $999 for a Twin up to $1,399 for a King


Very comfortable. Extremely easy to set up. No chemical smell.


Pricier than the competition.
Bottom Line

How does the Nest Alexander mattress compare to the Casper mattress we reviewed earlier this year?

by Jonathan Roubini
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In the last few years the mattress-in-a-box business has flourished. New smaller companies that provide quality mattresses at affordable prices are challenging the few and long standing major mattress companies. In addition to affordability there is also the convenience factor, the mattresses come in a box that can easily ship via FedEx or UPS.

Earlier this year we were impressed with the Casper mattress, but you are about to learn more about our experience testing the Nest Bedding Alexander Signature Select mattress.

We unpacked the Nest Alexander, which inflated to its full size almost instantly. Nest Bedding makes the mattress in the US and uses non-toxic materials in the production process. We did not smell any of the unpleasant chemical odors that common foam mattresses tend to emit for weeks. Fully inflated and with no bad odors, within a few minutes the Alexander was ready to sleep on.

AlexanderUnlike the 10” height of the Casper, the Alexander mattress is almost 14” high. In addition to the 2″ of gel foam, 2″ of visco foam and an 8″ density convoluted support layer, the Alexander has a 1.5″ top layer of soft foam in a quilted cover. The top layer adds a great feel to the mattress whether you sit down or lay on it.

Unlike the Casper, the Alexander can be ordered in three levels of firmness, which Nest Bedding refers to as “feel”. You can choose between soft, medium and firm. Most people will likely select the medium feel, but it is great to have the option to choose the level of firmness of your mattress. We tested the Alexander with the medium feel and we were pleased with the sleeping comfort in all positions.

The Alexander offers a better edge support than the Casper, in fact it’s easier to sit on the edge of the bed.

The only issue we have with the Alexander is the price. Their Twin size mattress at $999 is almost double the price of the Casper Twin at $500. The Full, Queen and King mattresses are a better value; for example the Alexander King is $1,399, still almost 50% more than the Casper King at $950.

We found the Alexander to be a comfortable mattress to sleep on. We did not run into any of the issues that other mattresses in the space suffer from. With the Alexander we did not sink into the mattress, we did not suffer from overheating while sleeping and we did not experience any nasty chemical odors. In our sleeping comfort tests, the Nest Alexander ranked better than the Casper mattress.

Overall the Nest Alexander is a great mattress that delivers a good night sleep. The only drawback is pricing. While for a Twin size mattress we definitely recommend the Casper, for all other sizes the Alexander might be worth the extra money.


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