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Actiontec Internet Phone Wizard

Posted December 9, 2012 by Jonathan Roubini in Gadgets
Actiontec Internet Phone Wizard




Company: Actiontec
Price: $69.99 direct


Easy to install, easy to use, compact design.


A bit pricey, only supports Skype.
Bottom Line

Are you a Skype user tired of wearing a headset? Here is a device that might solve the problem.

by Jonathan Roubini
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The Actiontec Internet Phone Wizard allows you to connect your home phone handset to your computer so you can make and receive calls over the Internet.

The Internet Phone Wizard works with free Internet program Skype. If Skype is installed on your system all you have to do is install the Internet Phone Wizard software included with the Internet Phone Wizard and plug the device into your USB port. The software automatically detects your Skype account and connects to it.

In the back of the Actiontec device you’ll find 2 standard telephone jacks. On one you connect your handset, on the other, if you desire, you can connect your landline. This allows you to switch between Skype and landline calls. It’s a useful feature, allowing you to manage both lines with one phone, but it would be even better if you could conference your Skype conversation with your landline one-a feature that’s not currently supported.

There are 2 ways to dial out. You can click on your list directly from your computer and pick up the phone once the connection is established. Alternatively, you can dial directly from the phone to any users already on your speed dial list. Either way, don’t expect to hear a dial tone on the on the Skype line!

In our tests the connection was as clear using the Internet Phone Wizard as when using Skype in standard mode with a headset.

The Internet Phone Wizard is a good solution if you are tired of wearing a headset or if you simply want the ability to use your home phone with your Skype account. Unfortunately, the Actiontec Internet Phone Wizard is a bit pricey-$69.99 direct from the manufacturer- for a device that works with a free service like Skype. The Internet Phone Wizard would definitely be a more valuable device if you could seamlessly interface it with your Yahoo or MSN voice chats, or even your VoIP softphone. Only if you are a hardcore Skype user and are tired of your headset, then the Actiontec Internet Phone Wizard is a valid alternative.

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