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eZip E1000

Posted December 20, 2012 by Jonathan Roubini in Gadgets




Company: Currie Technologies
Price: $699 list, $485 street


Fun while it lasts. Not expensive.


Poor construction. Fixed seat. Low travel range Terrible costumer service.
Bottom Line

The electric scooters market is on the rise, how does the eZip E1000 do in our road test?

by Jonathan Roubini
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The eZip E-1000 is intended to be a fun electric scooter for less than $500, but it has several shortcomings that make it less than ideal to own.

Currie Technologies is a California-based company that specializes in hybrid electric bicycles and scooters. The eZip E-1000 is their top-of-the-line electric scooter, designed for transportation and an entertaining ride outdoors. The E-1000 only comes in black and unfortunately the company doesn’t offer any other color options or upgrade accessories. While the scooter is designed for riders 13 and up, due to its weight and size we would suggest it to customers 18 and up.
The way it works is simple: the scooter arrives in a box with the tires already assembled. Just finish assembling the steering column and handle bar, then plug the scooter in to charge. Once the battery is fully charged (6-8 hours), turn the scooter on and accelerate by twisting the right throttle grip to the speed desired. The scooter maneuvers easily and braking works exactly like on a regular bicycle. Teenagers and adults alike could ride this scooter, although unfortunately the bicycle-style seat is not adjustable.

The eZip E-1000 specs are promising, with a 1000W motor and a 36V10Ah 360Wh battery that Currie claims will deliver up to 12 miles in range at speeds up to 15 miles per hour. Of course, terrain, weather and rider weight are a factor, but we tested the scooter in ideal conditions: on generally flat, asphalt roads, sunny summer days and with a rider of about 200lbs. Still, we were only getting a range of 6 miles at most. That was disappointing. We also noticed that around 20% of the time, driving on an incline would cause the engine to choke and cut off. This interruption required a quick but annoying power-off – power-on to get the scooter running again. Upon further examination of the battery, it is a SLA (Sealed Lead Acid). Most competitive electric bicycles—including a few models from Currie Technologies—are equipped with a more modern lithium-ion battery which weighs less, offers a better travel range and has 2-3 times the battery life of a SLA.

Unfortunately, we encountered several other issues due to the subpar construction of the eZip E-1000. During our rides, the handlebar was squeaking with every movement, the brakes were continuously rubbing on the brake discs impairing speed, and the tires were wobbling. Because the scooter arrives with the tires already assembled, the brakes and tires were obviously not correctly aligned at the factory. The handlebar squeaking, on the other hand, is caused by some subpar parts. These annoying and uncomfortable issues can ruin the riding experience, shorten the travel range and even pose possible safety hazards.

We called Currie Technologies’ customer service to talk to them about the problems we were having. After a long wait on hold, we were brushed off and told that these issues are normal for their scooters. They also told us to take the scooter to the local bike shop to get it fixed. Why should we have to service a brand new scooter? Not to mention it weighs over 80lbs and would take two people to load into a car.

Overall, riding on the eZip E-1000 could be fun, but the issues we encountered quickly ruined our experience, and the customer service made it worse. As it is offered today, we don’t recommend this electric scooter. But, with some adjustments from the manufacturer there could be potential for a good product.


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