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Nike Philips MP3Run

Posted December 9, 2012 by Jonathan Roubini in Gadgets




Company: Philips Electronics
Price: $299 list


Great for the avid jogger, unique athletic statistics.


Bulky, pricey, could do with more memory, slow USB 1.1 connection.
Bottom Line

A sleek MP3 Player and a pedometer communicating via Bluetooth, is it a good bundle?

by Jonathan Roubini
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This new MP3 player/pedometer is a collaboration between Nike, the sports company, and Philips Electronics. The result is an MP3 player that you also use as an exercise aid. The Nike Philips MP3Run PSA260, comes with an add-on pedometer which is connected to the MP3 player using Bluetooth technology. Attach the add-on to your shoe and strap the MP3 player to your arm, and the add-on will record your running speed and distance. After completing your workout, you can connect the MP3 player to your computer and create various charts that show your distance, speed and time. Charts are very easy to read and can be saved to compare different runs or workouts.

The Nike Philips MP3 Run runs for 12 hours on two AAA batteries. The menus are very easy to navigate, but the limited 256MB memory offered is disappointing. Nike Phillips has created MusicMatch-based software which allows you to create a playlist, or sort by title, artist, or song name, but it is not like some simpler players with which you can drag and drop files onto the drive. However, the transfer of files to the MP3 player using the software was a little slower in during testing than on players which allow drag and drop, mainly because the MP3Run is limited to the very slow USB 1.1 connectivity.

Running on two AAA batteries, The Nike Philips MP3Run has a powerful sound. With equalizer functions, you can adjust the sound to different settings, although during testing the default setting produced the best overall sound. The Nike Philips MP3run is notable for its unique design, including the rounded shape of the player and the earphones, which have special attachments that swivel in all directions to allow you to adjust and hold them to the best place on your ears. Although the shape of the player works well with the included strap while attached to your arm it is quite bulky as a stand-alone device. The ear buds could also be more comfortable and the attachments are sometimes more of a bother than anything else. Set up instructions are simple, and the website provides further useful information about the player and its functions – no need to look around for the manual.

Overall, the Nike Philips MP3Run is a must-have for the avid jogger who wants to listen to music while tracking their running statistics. The sound is good, although the unit is a bulky when used as a stand-alone.


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