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QuietSpot Boom

Posted December 9, 2012 by Jonathan Roubini in Accessories




Company: Shure
Price: $39.99 direct


Great sound and very good noise canceling microphone.


Not easy to wear.
Bottom Line

An impressive cellphone headset, capable of delivering audio to both parties. With a slick design the QuietSpot Boom is definitely worth the price.

by Jonathan Roubini
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The  Quietspot Boom is not your standard cellular phone headset. It retails for $40, which is a fair bit more than most headsets. However, its performance and design justify the cost. There are two versions of Quietspot: the QSH-3, which works with most 2.5mm jacks and the QSH-4, which works with 2.5mm Nokia phones.

The Quietspot Boom’s design is quite sleek and minimal. The headset fits right into your ear with an over-the-ear stabilizer for extra support. It can be used on either ear and comes with a choice of 3 sizes of silicone or foam comfort caps. Once you have chosen a combination that is comfortable, you will be able to hear quite well. The adjustable, directionally noise-canceling microphone will help your conversation partner hear you clearly as well.

The Quietspot requires a little adjustment in order to get the best performance. Each time you use it, you will have to place the earpiece appropriately in order to seal out background noise effectively.

We tested the Shure Quietspot Boom with a Samsung A680 and a Toshiba VM4050 and were quite pleased with the results. At 65mph in a low-to-the-ground Corvette we could converse perfectly. Even with the lowered driver-side window, the tester could still hear the other party very well. The party on the other end could hear background noise, but not enough to cause problems in holding a conversation.

The results speak for themselves. In addition to its quality and comfort, the ability to hold a conversation during a field test in a noisy environment makes us believe that the Shure Quietspot headset is well worth its $40 retail price. The only downside is that it’s hard to put on quickly.

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