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Top Wireless Audio Products

Posted November 4, 2018 by Jonathan Roubini in News





In the last few months we have been testing several new wireless audio products. Here is our list of top pick wireless audio products that can improve your everyday sound experience.




BackBeat PRO+



$299.99 direct

The BackBeat PRO+ is a great pair of wireless noise canceling Bluetooth headphones. The BackBeat PRO+ provides up to 24 hours of listening and it can sync to your PC, MAC or smartphone.

A great solution for music lovers at home or on the go.




JBL Xtreme Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker



$299.95 direct

The¬†JBL Xtreme Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is a splashproof portable Bluetooth speaker with 10,000mAH battery that provides up to 15 hours or playtime. It’s a great audio product for outdoors use and while you travel.







$299 direct

If you listen to Jazz, Pop or Classical music, the BenQ treVolo is the perfect wireless speaker for your home. It’s fairly compact and it has a stylish design. You will be impressed at the great sound that the treVolo produces.

Unlike most competitors, the treVolo uses electrostatic speakers technology.




JBL Boost TVJBL-boostTV2



$199.95 direct

Another great solution for your living room is the JBL Boost TV. While it is a compact TV speaker, it produces great sound, better what most TVs built-in speakers. The JBL boost TV also supports Dolby Digital.




Voyager Focus UC B825VoyagerFocusUC


$299.95 direct

The Voyager Focus UC B825 by Plantronics is the perfect headset if you spend a lot of time on Skype or on conference calls. It comes with active noise cancellation and since it’s a stereo headeset, you can also wirelessly listen to music. A great solution for your home-business start up.




JBL Everest Elite 700JBL_Everest_Elite700_White


$299.95 direct

A close second to our wireless headphones top choice, the Plantronics’ BackBeat PRO+, is the JBL Everest Elite 700. It is a slick wireless headphones with great sound and active noise cancellation.

During testing we did come across a minor 1-second delay in the audio. This was causing the audio/video to be slightly out of sync, but a firmware update by JBL took care of the issue.



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