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HP and Fox News

Posted October 21, 2007 by Lab Staff in News

Here are some quotes from our Editor-in-Chief Jonathan Roubini about the HP event and its new products.

“HP is finally stepping up in the gaming PC arena. After last year’s acquisition of Voodoo, HP is launching a cool line of gaming PCs called Blackbird 002. These are high-end over-clocked gaming PCs priced on average around $5,000 that satisfy the needs of avid gamers. Slick case designs, latest hardware components and customizable at purchase, these machine rely on Voodoo’s experience in the high-end gaming market. Some of the highlights of The Blackbird are the sealed liquid system to cool the processor and the easy to use hard drive trays. Last, but not least, I love the case design, which stands out next to the ordinary PC case. With the Blackbird HP can successfully compete with the popular Dell XPS gaming PCs.”

“HP is preparing to launch several new handheld devices. I particularly liked the iPAQ 900, a new cool phone that incorporates GPS functionality as well as a full small keyboard like the Treo and a 3-megapixel camera. It has a slick design and fast internet connectivity, which is always a plus. Overall a great solution for the mobile worker always on the go. This phone will also be available as the iPAQ 600, which is more like a regular Windows Mobile phone, but stripped down of the keyboard and GPS. “

HP is introducing 3 new laptops geared towards budget-minded small business. These laptops are great tools for everyday office work, like emails, documents, spreadsheets and web browsing. You don’t get the tough and powerful enterprise notebooks, but the basic work functionality needed for a small business user. Starting at $649 you can get a good entry-level notebook with a 15.4 widescreen. Definitely a viable alternative to the Dell small business Vostro line of notebooks. “

Our Editor-in-Chief was also interviewed by Fox News and you can read the report on their website.

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